Location: Andermatt (Switzerland)

Scope: Restauarnt

Budget: n/a

Completion Date: 2018


The new Gütsch Restaurant will be the heart of the new ski region Andermatt in the Swiss Alps, placed on top of the mountain at the arrival point of three cable car lines. It will be a first class gourmet restaurant, attracting both daytime skiers and dinner guests from the valley based Grand Hotels. The challenge of this project was, therefore, to create a design that caters for both client groups, developing two separate restaurants under the same roof.


The project offered the opportunity to work on a dramatic site on 2300m altitude, on top of the Alps. Our concept plans to create a landmark that is as robust as the dramatic setting of the landscape. The new restaurant will be designed as a contemporary “hameau”, a Swiss hamlet. The project took inspiration from the carved stone sculpture by Horta de Ebro by Manolo Valdez.


Made out of local stone and reflecting the silhouette of vernacular Swiss villages, Restaurant  Gütsch will cater both for the aesthetic and the climatic challenges of a unique site. The wide openings will offer panoramic views over the valley of Andermatt.  


The short construction phases and the different access to the site forced us to develop a prefabricated system of modules, which will be mounted on site.


MASTERPLANNING RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL CULTURAL / EDUCATIONAL PREVIOUS LIFE SSGU - 2017.02.14   final   EXT 03 v2 SSGU - 2017.02.14   final   INT 04 v3 SSGU - 2017.02.14   final   EXT 01 v2 Phase 2 - IMG_3576_LR