Location: Villars, Switzerland
Scope: Assembly & Arts Building
Completion Date: Concept
Client: Aiglon College
Architect: Studio Seilern Architects
Structural Engineers: Eckersley O’Callaghan
Mechanical Engineer: Sorane SA
Theatre Consultant: dUCKS scéno
Local Architect: Tekhne
Acoustician: Kahle Acoustics
The academic life of Aiglon College is vibrant, demanding and progressive guided by the core belief that ‘a school must unrelentingly seek to foster the balanced development of mind, body, and spirit.’ Through this philosophy, the school encourages students to be ‘actors, not spectators.  They lead, they serve, they transform.’

Aiglon College has embarked on a path of redevelopment and campus reconfiguration, that aims to reorganise its current buildings into a more legible and logical organisation, as well as add a few key buildings to complement an already vibrant campus.  The new Assembly and Arts Building represents a cornerstone of the campus renewal strategy.  In its key central campus location, it has the potential of becoming more than a new arts building on campus, in that it should aim to become a new campus hub for the arts, a building which interacts not only with the arts community of Aiglon, but with the whole school community.  

The Aiglon campus is situated on a South facing slope with a 70m vertical drop between the upper and lower points of its perimeter.  The Assembly Hall site lies at the centre and the vertical midpoint of the campus, making it a natural hub for the campus.  The residential and teaching facilities are evenly organised around it, making them most within a 150m radius of the proposed facility, which is ideal for morning meditation.