Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Scope: Masterplan: Residential
Area: 17,300sqm
Stage: Competition
Architect: Studio Seilern Architects
Local Architect: James Cubitt Architects
Environmental Engineer: Atelier Ten
Financial Feasibility: Bode Adedeji
Planning consultant: Olakconsult

 Having combined the two sites for planning gain, the access to the site will be only from Sasegbon Street.  The scheme proposes one large block of 54 serviced apartments, with a pool, gym, restaurant, and all the services that a hotel would offer.  The single block defines the privacy of 14 residential townhouses located on the eastern end of the site.  The commercial building creates a defining presence on the site, clearly delineating the commercial vs. the more private residential areas of the site.  While the mixed-use building is imposing in presence, it is punctuated by large vertical gardens and openings, creating an active and yet open frontage to its adjacent buildings.  
On the eastern part of the site, a set of 14 townhouses, each of about 250sm, are organised in a semi-detached manner.  The units organise themselves vertically on 3 floors, starting from a raised terrace above a parking structure.  This creates an area of a communal garden for all residents, enjoying amenities such as a private pool, barbeque area, and a small children’s playground.    
The serviced apartment unit is conceived as a simple slab and column block of 32m x 57m.  The ground floor is laid out as very open and transparent, where the backdrop to the reception is a 35m open view towards the pool area and the gardens beyond.   The ground floor consists mostly of the shared amenities, such as the gym, restaurant, with 2 residential ‘garden suites’.  
The eastern end of the site is conceived as a private enclave with 14 townhouse-type units.  The townhouses have been raised onto a 3m platform, under which all mechanical, parking and ‘boys quarters’ are situated. Each unit is accessed from road level or parking garage, leading to a stair up to the main piano nobile. The garden level comprises of the kitchen, open-plan living and dining, as well as one guest room.  A stair is organised around a central light well, that serves both in bringing light into the depth of the plan, allowing a heat stack for natural ventilation and creating cross ventilation to all bedroom accommodations. The upper floors comprise of one level for a master bedroom level suite with and office, and two further levels for bedrooms and a family room/playroom.
The townhouses are cantilevered over the perimeter circulation route to create a protected entrance, as well as maximising on the distance between the two rows of residences (currently at 18 and 19m between buildings).  The communal private gardens create a community.