Location: Little Milton (Oxfordshire)
Scope: Furniture design
Christina Seilern has designed three new objects to showcase as part of the ‘Living with Art’ exhibition taking place at Albion Barn in Oxfordshire from 2nd October until 28th February 2017.

The exhibition, opening in conjunction with Frieze Art London, shows a selection of over 100 pieces designed by artists, designers and architects showcasing the interface between Art and Design.
The purpose of the exhibition is to enjoy the creativity of artistic forays across design boundaries.
The three pieces proposed are an extension of what SSA is exploring in large scale architectural work: namely the sense of lightness, floating architecture and reflection.

Floating Candles is a 2.6m length slab in mirrored polished steel produced by the Japanese company Kikukawa.

The thirty candles randomly and whimsically placed atop of the 3mm plate, are reflected and appear to be floating in the centre.
In Boksto 6, the multifunctional centre in Vilnius (Lithuania), the architecture plays with the notion of reflection of historical structures, rather than mimicry of the historical fabric. As with the mirrored steel candle centre piece which plays with the reflection of candles.

The melting of the wax adds a playful element to the dining experience. The wax melting creates a poetic result that constantly transforms and evolves the piece into new unexpected and unpredictable shapes. The large centre piece occupies the length of the dining table designed by Max Lamb and appears through its reflection as a void at the centre.
The other is a Concrete/Rubber Bench and a Glow Lamp. The concrete is a mix of finely ground marble sand which is very white and reflective and grey cement, which when cured in a plexiglass formwork, gives the appearance of a highly polished marble block. The base of the bench is cast in backlit rubber, giving the illusion of insubstantiality. The concrete mass floats above the floor, looking light and weightless. The mixture of concrete and rubber was an experimental prototype that we developed into a decorative furniture piece.