Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Scope: Primary School
Area: 7,675 m2
Status: Concept
Client: District Prague 5
Architect: Studio Seilern Architects

Our scheme anchors on the idea of “spaces beyond the classroom”:  The floor plans are wrapped by oversize balconies, providing students with outdoor learning/play/sports.  This new typology recognises that health in body and mind play an equally important role by promoting outdoor living and learning, allowing each classroom to look onto a landscaped green area. 

Collaborative work between the classes and the year groups is a key component of our proposal, where clusters of classrooms are arranged around a collaborative space: a place of community and collaboration, where team work and projects can happen in a natural way.

Two key concepts guide the design:

  • The extended balcony becomes an outdoor space adjacent to every classroom.  Primary school children have a greater need for breaks and outdoor play, when they can run, explore bugs and plants, play in the sand or with a fountain.  These balconies offer an unprecedented advantage where sport, outdoor play and activities are seen as equally important pedagogical concepts.  
  • The concept of classrooms clusters around a collaborative space celebrates the idea of collaboration and communal learning.  These spaces are intended as an extension to the classrooms, where activities outside of the classroom can occur: the after-school activity and relaxation rooms.    These are new more fluid learning spaces, where play, projects and collaboration between classes and year groups are celebrated, and after school activities can occur.