Location: New York, USA
Scope: Residential
Area: 16,107 sqm
Completion Date: Feasibility Study
Architect: Studio Seilern Architects
Building Codes Consultants: Jack Callahan
Zoning Analysis: Michael Parley

 Studio Seilern Architects (SSA) unveils design for a new skyscraper project in New York. The site is located at the riverfront of the Hudson River and offers two strong views; to the South West towards the river and Hoboken with spectacular sunsets and to the East towards the Empire State Building and the exciting Manhattan rooftops.

The 16,107 m² project (24 floors) includes a mixed-use scheme with residential units located at the upper levels in the tower and commercial units in the plinth at the lower levels. The commercial units are occupied by a gallery.
“The site being in the art quarter is something that should be capitalised on. The nature of the “nearcorner” site mean we can offer the gallery a unique dual aspect and sculpture count, as private and jewel like as the one in the Moma.” said Christina Seilern, principal of Studio Seilern Architects.
 Inspired by the sculpture court at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the plinth is reduced to form a sculpture garden for both the gallery and the residential reception.

The multiple corner formation and the emphasis on the two great views, informed the flexible floor plans, which can easily be adapted in response to fluctuating market conditions. The most valuable units are the apartments located at the top of the tower, while the least valuable are the commercial units at the ground floor level and therefore maximising the residential element became a key driver for the design.

Glass is employed as a material in a variety of qualities and textures in consideration of the need for light, the desire to take advantage of the exceptional views, the need for acoustic protection and for security.