Location: Meganisi Island, Greece
Scope: Masterplan
Area: 2,850,000 sqm
Stage: Completed 2008
Client: Melita Development Ltd
Architect: Studio Seilern Architects
Market Research and Valuation: DTZ
Eco Friendly Planning Consultant: PHAconsult
Landscape Architect: Chris Gilbert
Infrastructure Contractor: Holevas Vasilios

We developed a masterplan for a fully sustainable community on Meganisi, a small Ionian island, a 40-minute flight from Athens. The site consists of a 7 km peninsula plus the adjacent private island of Kythros, totalling 362 hectares of land.  
The masterplan divides the peninsula into two areas: with the peninsula proper being tagged for large plots to be developed by individual owners, while the northern area of the site has been tagged for leisure and tourism. Retaining the essentially rural character of the area is essential and remains a key concept for both the private and commercial development areas.
The private development consists of eight selected plots, ranging between four and forty hectares. These have been individually selected in relation to privacy, exposure and accessibility. The land around these plots will be tagged as non-developable, ensuring that the beauty and pristine aspect of the area is retained. A track road connects the peninsula to the island-proper and has been carefully designed in such a way as to minimise scarring of the land, as well as to provide access and privacy to the individual plots.